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Niblick Bar, Grill & Patio

Niblick Patio
Orange County Golf & Lunch

View of Niblick Bar and Grill at River View Golf Course in Orange County

Great Burgers, Hot Dogs and Sandwiches. This is a great spot for lunch whether you’re golfing or just stopping by. Along with the coldest beer in town, we serve only the best ingredients. Names like Zacky Farms, Farmer John and Hebrew National, along with fresh bread and fresh produce. Make the Niblick your next lunch destination.

The Niblick Patio has been called the "Best hidden spot in Santa Ana" by the O.C. Weekly. The perfect place to relax with a drink and kick back.

To order, please call Call Niblick to order at (714) 543-1115, ext. 2.

Breakfast Burrito $6.25
Breakfast Special $4.25
Cheesburger $4.20
Bacon Cheesburger $4.75
Hot Dog $3.50
BBQ Chicken Sandwich $4.75
Turkey & Swiss $4.50
Ham & Swiss $4.50
Patty Melt $4.25
Turkey Melt $4.50
Tuna Sandwich $4.25
Grilled Cheese $4.00
Tuna Melt $4.50
Hot Ham & Cheese $4.25
Philly Cheese Steak $6.75
Chicken and Steak Taco (Street Style) $1.75
Chicken Salad $6.50