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Driving Range

Our Driving Range
Orange County Golf Practice Facilities

Aerial view of the driving range at River View Golf Course

River View Golf's state of the art driving range features the new Ultra Mat, the first truly grass-like mat ever made. The Ultra Mat allows you to strike down and through the ball for a truly fairway like feel. You can spin your irons, practice your fairway woods, or hit your driver off the deck with the most "grass like" mat ever produced. River View uses the ULTRA RANGE MAT II.

These lush green mats give the player the feel of hitting off of fairways and tees. The Astro Turf Ultra Mat II is made of tough nylon grass blades, with knitted fabric and cushion pad system designed to absorb club head shock. The Ultra Mat II will remain resilient and resist fatigue stroke after stroke. Astro Turf Ultra Mat II is the golfers' choice every time.

There are targets from 10-300 yards, including 9 pins on our new short game deck.

To ensure an accurate distance reading at all times, the target greens are laser measured to each hitting station. With a canopy to keep you cool, and lights for night practice, this range is the perfect place to tune up your game.

We have rental clubs available!  From November 1st to March 1st the last range basket is sold at 6:30 pm with the range and putting green closing at 8:00pm

Driving Range
Large basket $10
Medium basket $8
Warm-up basket $6
Rental Clubs $25